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According to an estimate, Chinese power firms are eyeing 40 per cent market share in India. But the track record of Chinese power firms in India has been far from satisfactory.


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will skip the summit on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan- Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline at Ashgabat.

He says the agreements, which would safeguard investors' rights and boost bilateral trade and investment, would be finalised soon.
The government will provide Rs 500 crore to drought-hit West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, for extending a subsidy on diesel used by farmers.
Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh admits to "nuancing" of the Indian position that it will not accept internationally legally binding emission cuts.
In a big boost to the burgeoning Indo-Israel bilateral trade, the two countries are likely to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) next year.
Addressing a gathering, Qatar's deputy PM said LNG would be diverted from its existing long-term export contracts with US buyers for the Tamil Nadu market.
Last week, a panel arrived at a consensus on the Bill, which also makes it mandatory for firms to share 26 per cent of their profits with project-affected people.
The countries signed a $72.55-million agreement for hydropower projects as part of New Delhi's efforts to step up its presence in this ASEAN country.