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This European country will offer free public transportation for all

Luxembourg has declared its public transport free for all to remove the severe traffic problems the country faces due to too many cars on the roads

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | February 29, 2020 | Updated 20:56 IST
This European country will offer free public transportation for all
A bus in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has became the first country to make public transport free for the entire nation. It will cost the government 500 million euros to run the service.

Estonia's capital, Tallinn and the French city of Dunkirk are the only two cities that have made buses free and accessible to all passengers. However, this scheme was not implemented across the entire country.

Here are 10 points that you need to know about the project:

  1. Luxembourg has a population 6,14,000 and has a fast-rising population that has grown 20% in the last five years.
  2. There are around 200,000 workers, which makes up half of Luxembourg's workforce. They come from countries like Belgium, France and Germany.
  3. The project will cost 41 million pounds in lost ticket fares to the government.
  4. The government hopes to make its citizens environment-conscious with this scheme.
  5. Every citizen in Luxembourg will save 100 euros every year following this decision.
  6. Luxembourg government hopes that the scheme would take cars off the road, as the country has the highest cars per 1,000 people than any other EU nation.
  7. The country is facing a growing number of passengers. It feels that investing in the transport system would help them manage it.
  8. The government aims ito increase the number of people using public transport by 20% in the next 10 years.
  9. Luxembourg is already expanding the tram network in the country.
  10. Critics feel that the scheme does not attend to the lack of housing in the country, which has led to several people living beyond the border who commute every day to the country for their jobs.

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