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India's Best Banks 2012

The Indian banking sector is coping with an increasingly risky environment after four years of the global financial crisis. Even as pinstripe-clad bankers tighten their belts, Business Today and KPMG together raise the annual toast to the best in the industry.

Some banks have found ways to grow while preserving or even improving the quality of their assets and service.
The real contribution of private sector banks has been to transform the way banking is done in India, says Chanda Kochhar, the MD & CEO of ICICI Bank.
The data used for the rankings was based on published annual reports of banks and the Reserve Bank of India's Profile of Banks, 2011/2012.
Reserve Bank of India Governor D. Subbarao discusses the state of the banking industry and its future challenges with Chaitanya Kalbag and Anand Adhikari.
Here's a look at the top banks in India in various categories - Large Banks, Mid-sized Banks, Small Banks and Very Small Banks.