Best Companies to Work For 2019
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Best Companies to Work For 2019
The Right Choice

Employers who recognise the value of their employees and act to make their teams a dynamic force attract the best talent. Here are 14 companies that made the right moves.


This year's study includes what gig workers and women employees consider important.

New technologies will displace jobs but also create jobs

Accenture India creates an environment that allows employees to upskill as often as technology trends change.
A BT-PeopleStrong survey reveals what makes companies tick for employees.

Employees' ability to influence change and work on complex projects early in their career makes ICICI Bank the most preferred workplace in the BFSI segment.

Amazon is using its tech prowess to keep employees engaged.


Deconstruction is a critical first step to understanding how to apply automation to transform work; the exercise also reveals new work from automation.

The corporate workforce in India is young and wants more freedom in work.

TCS encourages diversity and uses its workforce as a tool to get an edge.

Infosys offers numerous training modules and courses that help employees stay abreast of latest technologies.

Google, the winner of the Best Companies to Work For Survey is all about achieving ambitious targets.