Business Today's special on best innovations
Business Today
Best Innovations from India

This year, Business Today's annual innovation special celebrates some of the successful innovations in India that have also resonated across the globe.

Hindustan Unilever's Pureit water filters are touching millions of lives worldwide.
Nokia connects through an SMS-based information service
Hand in Hand is overcoming ideological hurdles to create entrepreneurs in war-torn Afghanistan.
Financial services provider FINO takes banking to the poor.
Forus Health has developed a slick retinal imaging device.
With some 48,000 Shakti Ammas and 30,000 Shaktimaans, HUL reaches over three million households in 100,000 villages in 15 states.
Aurolab has changed the face of eye care across the world with its affordable intraocular lens.
DHL understood what students wanted - and made a business out of it.
Dhama Innovations's healing braces and wraps are a hit in the US.
Siemens switchgear developed for India is bringing electricity to consumers in a growing number of countries.