Business Today special coverage on economic crisis in the country.
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Economic Crisis 2012

Is the economy chugging along or nearly stalled? Depends on how you look at it.

The turmeric capital of the country is in the grip of a drought and a price crash. But real estate is buoyant.
From Delhi, Chhattisgarh appears to be just a little state with a big problem. Up close, Suveen K Sinha found a little state undergoing a big transformation.
With the economic downturn and policy paralysis biting, companies are are being forced to come up with alternative strategies.
If Greece exits the Eurozone, no economy will emerge unscathed, least of all India's.
If Bundelkhand has to rise above its poverty, its agricultural woes need to be addressed first.
Fireworks units in Sivakasi are feeling the heat of government's policies and a slowing economy.