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Goafest 2011: An aim to outperform

Lynn de Souza, chairperson of Goafest 2011, says this time around, the aim is to outperform and better the image of India's biggest advertising festival.

Anamika Butalia        Last Updated: April 14, 2011  | 15:34 IST

There's a lot going on at the Goafest, and for Lynn de Souza, the chairperson of the festival, it is no easy job. One deals with global heads of companies, eminent personalities of the advertising world and several young and creative minds that are joining the higher rungs of the profession. Yet, the one thing that has been on Lynn's mind is to ensure that the festival is seen as cleaner and greener without going out of sync with the aim to be bigger and better.

Lynn says that one of the key features of Goafest 2011 that distinguishes it from all other years is that it has been hosted 'privately'. She says, "For the first time, we've moved from private beaches to a venue that is spacious enough to easily accommodate roughly 3,000 delegates, and also has a stretch of private beach."

Lynn de Souza, chairperson of Goafest 2011
Security guards randomly patrol the private beach front to ensure security. It is certainly obvious that the delegates do feel a lot more at home knowing that they can let their hair down and have a good time. Visually, the greener concept shows off their recyclable crockery and cutlery in the food court, and the green pastures that are part of the venue. The inclusion of the Olive Crown awards in Goafest, in an alliance with the Indian chapter of International Advertising Association, is another feature in Lynn's hat. The aim of the awards is to encourage the advertising and marketing industry to communicate 'green' messages, in addition to recognising and promoting responsible advertising.

For the first time ever, an external audit team has been roped in at the award stage. The involvement of KPMG's team in this case ensures that the prestigious awards are seen as 'cleaner'. "Working for Goafest is extremely flattering because of the nexus the festival helps to form. This time around, the aim is to outperform and better the image of Goafest," says Lynn. She says it's most refreshing to see that several agencies have a large number of their teams visiting the festival. "Advertising has been seen as an 'easier' profession but these people are a very hardworking bunch. They sit in the back wings and work towards putting together a good campaign by lending a piece of their mind," adds Lynn. "And it is nice to see them having a good time here."

Lynn says that her take-away from Goafest 2011 is that there are fewer bridges to gap when it comes to the interaction among members of the advertising world. "While the industry is small, it is extremely nice to see that several young members of the ad world are interacting with head honchos."

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