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India - A hotspot of hope

Over the decades the mid day meal scheme has made a great difference to school enrollment.

Philanthropy is no longer limited to age-old business houses. Many new businesses, as also successful professionals, are giving back.
The success of dairy cooperatives has made India the world's largest milk producer.
Gram Tarang trains young people from backward and Naxal hit corners of Orissa.
Thousands of self-help groups are helping millions come out of poverty.
Delhi-based designer Sumit Dagar is developing a smartphone that can include the blind in the mobile phone revolution.
Ritika Mittal's persistence is reviving cotton weaving in the Northeast.
With around 210 million Aadhaar, or unique identification numbers having been generated so far, the enormous promise the project holds is slowly being realised.
Growing rice using 'direct seeding' technology promises to cut water usage and production costs.
Online learning portals are a cost-effective way of improving the quality of school education.
Green buildings that optimise use of resources will be the key to ensuring successful urbanisation of India