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India - A hotspot of hope

Gujarat's success at improving agricultural productivity through check dams is inspiring other states.

How dedicated officials in Ernakulam ensured every single adult there opened a bank account.
Yoga, one of India's greatest exports and one that has shaped the country's image overseas, took off in the 1960s owing to the growing interest in mind-body therapies.
Precision farming eschews the traditional haphazard approach to agriculture.
More and more sportspersons outside the world of cricket are getting corporate endorsements.
The start-up landscape in India could, however, transform soon once the Union government announces a National Entrepreneurship Policy.
New import terminals will substantially increase the country's capacity to import gas for power generation.
National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), constituted under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, provides free legal aid to the underprivileged.
After 66 years of Independence, we present 66 reasons to believe that the current despairing mood about the country's situation may be misplaced.
Experienced entrepreneurs and former corporate honchos are coming out to support start-ups.
Bangalore-based Unnati imparts vocational skills to young people from deprived backgrounds, for free.
Mountain Shepherds is using ecotourism to improve the living standards of the Bhotiya people.
An architect's initiative to clean Delhi's drains and use the land around them for public purposes is picking up pace.