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India - A hotspot of hope

The landmark Act has given succour to millions of marginal people across the country since it was first notified in 200 districts in February 2006

A number of business leaders and corporate houses are funding free, quality education for the deprived.
Former P&G India CEO Gurcharan Das says the growing middle class will bring about a defining change in Indian politics.
In November 2012, Shimoga in Karnataka became the first Indian city to create digital data of every property, recording even fingerprints of property owners.
Company boards have to be more vigilant for good corporate governance in India.
There is a growing organised sector processing e-waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
Increasing competitiveness is forcing companies to be more productive, and the cloud offers a means of increasing the efficiency of employees.
Indian writing in English has proved its consistency and global appetite for Indian writing in English continues to grow.
Delhi University's Bachelor in Elementary Education course has become a benchmark for teacher training programmes.
How efforts of a scientist prompted local authorities to make rainwater harvesting compulsory in the heart of Bangalore.
Amit Bhatia's Aspire India is on a mission to make young graduates more employable - help them develop skills and get better jobs.
The Madurai-based hospital blends social commitment with quality health care. It examines and operates most patients for free.
Indian cuisine, adapted to local sensibilities, is slowly but surely moving into the fine dining showgrounds of the West, where French and Italian dishes rule.