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India - A hotspot of hope

Health insurance schemes launched by state governments in Karnataka and Maharashtra are benefiting people in rural areas and the poor.

How the advocacy campaign by Trilochan Sastry's team against the criminalisation of politics is making an impact.
The water saved by drip irrigating paddy - as much as 40 per cent of current usage - can be used to irrigate a larger area.
Erode Precision Farm Producer Co Ltd is a 'producer company' - one of 150 such across the country - which has farmers as shareholders.
The proliferation of solar power farms will give the Indian electricity market a jolt in the next five years.
Despite tough times, Indian companies have plenty of reason to grow globally
A virtual collaboration by thousands of researchers could reduce the cost of developing life-saving drugs.
India's space missions are building up its soft power by changing how the country is perceived. Its space applications have an impact on the lives of millions.
New roads and bridges are bringing people closer than ever before, as well as brightening business prospects.
Maharashtra's mission to track and prevent child malnutrition is yielding results.
The Centre for the Development of Advanced Computing is leading efforts to make India a supercomputing power.
NIIT's initiative to introduce chess in school has become increasingly popular.
The RTI Act allows any Indian citizen to participate in governance by enabling her or him to seek information about Central and state government activities.