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Luxury special
I buy luxury brands because I feel I deserve the best: Aditi Balbir, 34, Entrepreneur, New Delhi Photo: Shekhar Ghosh

Indians in greater numbers are starting to understand what luxury means, and they have the attitude and the money to buy it and flaunt it.

The progeny of the rich, the next generation of luxury consumers, will help India mature into a discerning market for high-end products.
Chennai-based Vastrakala turned a dying tradition into some of the most sought-after embroidery in the world. N. Madhavan finds out how this was achieved.
Deepak Ohri, Chief Executive Officer of Lebua Hotels and Resorts, spoke to Business Today on India's luxury dining market and why the scene could explode.
Luxury watches are not about telling time. Indian watch snobs are also buying top-end timepieces to make a fashion statement.
Wealthy Indian clients of concierge services firms sometimes make unusual demands. Here's a list of a few of the most bizarre.