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Most Valuable Companies 2011

The 2011 edition of the 'India's Most Valuable Companies' offers just one listing of the private firms and PSUs. The most comprehensive ranking reflects a new world where investors reward, or punish, companies in proportion to the value (shareholder wealth) they create or destroy; ownership is incidental.
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How and why once-mighty companies fell off the BT Top 25 list.
Take a look at firms that made it to the 500-1000 ranks in our annual listing of BT500 companies in 2011.
There are two vital departures from the BT500 methodology followed in previous years.
Companies that have steadily climbed up the rankings' ladder to take on the big boys.
The 500 firms that made it to Business Today's listing of India's most valuable companies.
A sliced-and-diced look at BT1000 tells us who created value and who destroyed it, the sector champions and the returns warriors