Business Today listing of Most Powerful Companies of India 2012
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Most Valuable Companies 2012

The reigning champion has been dethroned. The star of the new economy in India, software behemoth Tata Consultancy Services, beat RIL, though by a whisker. Does this herald the start of a new kind of rivalry between these two giants? Full coverage: India's top 500 companies

As in 2011, private and public sector companies have been clubbed to produce a single, comprehensive ranking.
Different yardsticks, different benchmarks - and the companies which topped the list in each case.

The Bajaj Group, ranked 6th in terms of Mcap, grew faster than any other business house, while Reliance ADAG shrank.
Crunching numbers to get to our 500 listing, we uncovered six companies with market-cap growth averaging more than 1,000 per cent over the past year.
The top five companies in different sectors, by market cap