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twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | Print Edition: February 9, 2020
Future of Work
Illustration by Raj Verma

Jobs, workplace, wages, well-being, governments and regulators are all in the midst of a whirlpool of change as a host of internal and external factors drive how we will work in the future. In the following pages, 19 experts and business leaders predict that gig workers will dominate workforce; robot-workers are the new norm; polarisation between high skill and low or unskilled is set to intensify; eight-hour workdays are dead; AI will kill more jobs than it will create; corporate purpose will go beyond profits; privacy at work will require firewalls separating personal from the professional; byte-sized learning will drive professional progression; mental and emotional health of employees will be crucial to organisational well-being; and workplaces of the future will be spaces for use, rather than spaces to occupy with little or no corporate furniture or interiors. Over to the future?

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