Business Today special on Unique investment options to get rich
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Unique investment options

In this package, we take a look at some unconventional assets - art, land, diamonds, fine wines and whiskies, and some high-growth stocks - that can give great returns but also entail huge risks. Full coverage: How to get rich

In this podcast, Pierre Fitter talks about the increasing returns to be found in investing in diamonds.

In this podcast, BT's Sunny Sen turns a keen eye on the growing popularity of investing in fine wine and whisky.
Fine wines and whiskies do not just enrich your evenings. They can also make you rich.
In this podcast, BT's Manu Kaushik explores the pitfalls and advantages of investing in land, and how to identify land that might yield good returns.
In this podcast, Business Today's Govind Dhar talks about how to go about investing in contemporary art.
In this podcast, BT's Rajiv Bhuva identifies sunrise sectors where stock investments might yield significant returns.