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The Great Stock Market Mystery

Why the Sensex is on fire even as the economy hurtles downhill


Nifty 50 is on a high, but not the small-cap and mid-cap indices, which are reflecting the state of the economy

As the economy goes into a tailspin, jobs across industries are becoming a casualty

Selective account management can make your presence more personal

Indian telecom operators continue to be in a fix despite the centres relief

Warning signs are becoming more apparent - employment is down, consumption is falling, capital formation is at a low...
Shifu Orboot is an addictive learning tool. Once a child gets the hang of Orboot, she is likely to continue exploring
ArcelorMittal may see India as its base for markets in South Asia to export products. JSW is already aggressive in export markets
The court reiterated that in IBC, it is the CoC which has the ultimate authority over the matter concerning distribution of resolution proceeds

Irrespective of resolutions, companies going through the insolvency process are seeing large number of direct and indirect job losses

The success of PSU sales will depend on whether they are actually sold or picked up by another PSU

The WeWork IPO debacle has not hit the optimism of Indian co-working players

The SENSEX has been sailing above the 40,000 level. But the rally is not broad-based
Before the EoI is drafted, the GoM and the DIPAM have to fill some gaps, including the lock-in period for the existing employees after the sell-off
The frequent changes in IBC are discouraging global distressed funds as well as strategic investors