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In an interview with Josey Puliyenthuruthel and Goutam Das in his wood-and-glass office at the Wipro headquarters in Bangalore, Premji talks about the fightback, how his company needs to make incremental changes next, how he sees Wipro in the future, and the role of his son Rishad.

Having taken over the parent company two years ago, Kraft is refashioning Cadbury India, led by CEO Anand Kripalu, in its own image.
Mukesh Butani, Chairman at BMR Advisors, says the Supreme Court verdict on Vodafone case clarifies important principles of law on tax treatment of offshore transactions.
Business Today celebrates its 20th anniversary and looks ahead at the next two decades.
Oil, metals and mining companies will be the biggest losers as imports will become costlier, while companies in the pharmaceutical and IT sectors stand to gain.
Sometimes business leaders need to shun e-mail and step out of the office.
After a year of looking over her shoulder, Niira Radia looks beyond Vaishnavi.