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The Microsoft wedge Mouse is a very futuristic device and could be a harbinger of the kind of accessories we could be using in the coming years.

The Supreme Court decision on Glivec sets the tone for other patent disputes and puts global drugmakers on the back foot.
Changes announced in Budget 2013 in tax rates on specific items will impact prices of goods that you use everyday. Here's how -
Portfolio management services works well when the service offered is highly customised. Otherwise, mutual funds are a better option.
The Budget often changes the investing arena and offers fresh investment opportunities. A few experts recommend best post-budget buys -
Car market shrinks; Confusion reigns; Petrol cars lose market; Diesel prices rise; Higher excise hobbles SUVs; Hatchbacks hit a wall; and new capacity may lie idle.
Insurance is an investment whose terms and conditions change following a divorce. Here is what you must do to avoid hassles later on.