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Financial planners are increasingly recommending Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to investors who have long-term goals and want to invest in equity without taking too much risk. However, there are certain things you need to know before investing in ETFs.

Money Today takes a look at the different ways to buy physical gold and some important things you should know before purchasing it through each of these routes.
The regulator's mission to expand the reach of mutual funds and the primary market may be at odds with its regulatory role, writes IIM-A Director Samir Barua.
Cooking shows are inspiring couch potatoes to enter the kitchen - and not just to fetch a snack but to actually cook.
Online platforms, which offer click-of-mouse transactions and consolidated viewing of portfolios, that too without any annual fee, can be a better option.
The simplest way to save on petrol costs is to buy a fuel efficient car. So, Auto Bild give you the most miserly petrol cars in four price brackets.
The utility of part-time MBA courses is debatable, unless they are company sponsored.