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India's IT Ambassador

Debjani ghosh is acting as a catalyst for indian ITs tranformation.


Debarati Sen has been closely involved with 3M's India story.

Aruna Jayanthi is leading the it giants initiatives in Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Aarthi Subramanian is taking the $100 billion Tata Groups digital initiatives to the next phase

Tips to filter what your children are exposed to.

Gender parity is lacking in STEM professions and leadership roles, but some women continue, undeterred.

Apple fans need not be worried, though, as the new Mac, available in 13-inch and 15-inch, has been built as an ambitious powerhouse.
Two issues that commonly crop up when enforcing CSR rules have been the quantum of spending, and the quality of spending.
There are four culprits, in no particular order: high Aviation Turbine Fuel price, rupee depreciation, rising maintenance costs, and elevated competition.

The first quarter results have been fairly robust. A revival seems round the corner.


Ashu Suyash, head of India's largest ratings agency, is making CRISIL future ready.

Ameera Shah turned her father's nondescript clinic into one of the largest pathology chains in India.

Wearables, especially watches, are all about fitness. Now, Google wants to throw in a special assistant.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is the most prevalent cause of infertility among women.

In terms of performance, this device can handle e-mail, video streaming, (basic) image and video editing, and gaming with ease.
The government, banks, and power producers are all working together to save stressed power loans from bankruptcy.
Initial estimates of economic losses - damaged buildings, roads washed away, and destroyed agricultural crops - place the figure at over Rs 8,000 crore.
In his speech, he said in 70 years the country had only 40 million people paying direct taxes, but now under his regime it increased to 65 million.