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Star Cooking

Hotels in India organise pop-ups with Michelin-starred chefs to give guests the experience of a lifetime.


Four Seasons private jet tours allow you to hop across continents and feast your senses on fresh experiences, while travelling in the comfort of a private jet.

How, and why, India's commercial capital is home to the most exciting culinary innovations in the country.

High-end suites are getting increasingly popular with corporate travellers, and hotels are lapping it up.

As the number of uber-rich continues to rise, expect heated action in high-end retail in the coming years.

"Two things are essential for success. One is passion, which drives us to heroic acts, and the other is innovation, which gives us an identity."

The 20-year-old King of Jaipur turns fashion icon.

Many luxury consumers buy exclusive residences not just as an investment but also with a desire to leave these for future generations.

While luxe hotels offer standardised services, homestays are about privacy, and experience.

The huge spurt in young art collectors is expected to boost the Indian art market.

Owning a citizenship is a sought after luxury among the world's rich, and countries are not letting the opportunity pass.

Bill Lumsden's innovation leads to new flavours for connoisseurs to enjoy in each sip.

As security needs become more complex, the rich and the famous are cherry picking the best from India's armed forces to protect themselves and their families.

Watchmakers charge top dollar not just for the expensive materials they use, but also for the stellar reputations they have built, and innovation.

The silence of the car will be a luxury in itself.

A personal 'spiritual' journey towards finding that perfect drink.

Experts have been talking about IoT safety for years, but safeguards are lagging.