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G&G Choice

The Samsung Series 9 is as thin as it gets and it is not just about the size.

Built like a weapon of mass destruction and capable of conjuring up that additional dimension of depth, the Asus G75VW could give the Alienware a run for its money.
Those who own a 3D TV finally have an option to get some content of their own.
The first quad-core tablet upgraded to Android's Ice-Cream Sandwich that converts itself into a powerful netbook by sliding in a keyboard dock.
A computer mouse that reads the movement of your fingers-that is what Microsoft's new mouse is all about.
Mobile, compact and sporting a battery option, this full A4 size printer from HP can publish on the go.
The iPad sequel comes with bumped up specs and an impressive performance.
The Nikon 1 V1 does almost everything a DSLR does and much more. Despite being an advanced compact, it debuts many new features.
A full-fledged machine that is less than an inch thick and provides enough satisfaction to the user.
It may not be the first glass-free 3D phone in India but LG's Optimus 3D impresses with its ability to capture 3D content.
LG has junked the expensive active shutter 3d glasses and opted for the passive technology in its new range of 3D television sets.