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G&G lists out some cool gadgets that would make for great gifts.

G&G lists out some cool gadgets that would make for great gifts.
Don't know what to buy - a smartphone, a tablet or an ultrabook? Gadgets & Gizmos lists out the pros and cons of each to help you decide.
The camera can now be a scanner, organiser, navigator, tutor and much more. of course, with a bit of help from apps.
This is a very complex camera, but the features and navigation coupled with the touchscreen make it very easy to use.
Among the best DSLRs around, but not for amateurs.
Smart features and value for money, but results could be better.
A bit too costly, needs finetuning
The Slingbox needs a fast broadband connection - above 1.5 Mbps for HD - to work like it should.
Gadgets & Gizmos pits Apple's New iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook against each other to see how they fare in a faceoff.
The future of the smartphone, tablet and Ultrabook seem intertwined at the moment, with Windows 8 being the thread that brings them closer.
Good upgrade if you are looking for something versatile.
Excellent camera if you have use for a zoom this long.
No flaws; a full manual mode would have been good.
Good video but the price tag can be a put off.
The television is the one-stop entertainment hub for most of us. So it is only natural that you look at accessories that add to the TV viewing experience.