Guide to new gadgets and technologies
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While watching TV many of us are also constantly fiddling with our mobile phone, tablet or laptop. So it is only natural that technology will try to integrate these screens for a value-added experience.

Good plasma option, 3D capability could have been better.
If you are looking for a smallish LED TV for your home, office or shop, AOC seems like a decent option.
The remote is the one thing that makes EvoTV really innovative and unique. Now, who needs a smart TV?
Yes, technology is your passport to the world
Apps are the real heroes of the mobile revolution, not specs or brands.
Useful apps for Symbian phones
Take a look at Windows Apps available.
A long drive loaded with loved ones and favourite gadgets
Gadgets have become convenient enablers of holiday-time activity.
Apps have become so much a part of our digital lives that what we have on our device often shows the kind of person we are.
All the specs touted by the phones might make great reading, but they would all come to nought without the applications to ensure a good user experience.