Guide to new gadgets and technologies
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Smartphones always manage to steal all attention with their extra-large screen sizes and hyperactive innards, but the brains of these devices are the apps that run on them.

Apps are no longer limited to the smartphone or tablet, even your desktop can acquire some.
It scores over others due to the bigger and better display, but the camera and the battery are a bit of a concern.
A listing of top smarthphones, top affordable phones, top CDMA phones, and top feature phones.
A look at the products you need to keep an eye on this year.
Though good looking and feature rich, wearing the Jabra Sport headset was a pain with the improper fit hurting our ears.
Not many dual-SIM Android smartphoes are available in the market. This one is worth a look.
Your monthly update on mobile phone apps
The ultrabooks that we have in the market now.
Super slim, speedier, smoother sexier - the laptop its new avatar is an amazing machine.
Acer Aspire S5,  Lenovo S2 smartphone, Lenovo IdeaTab Tablet S2, Samsung inTouch HD were among some of the hottest devices launched at CES 2012.
Sensors are infiltrating our lives, and they have a knack for making things better by keeping tab on things.
A tablet's value to a user is enhanced by its 3G connectivity. What is India's experience?