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The NEX 5R is one camera that will leave you satisfied every time you pick it up and that is why we think this is the best compact mirrorless camera we have tested this year.

It is the best connected camera option among compact systems.
It gives you the comfort of the most mature compact system camera. This means ease-of-use and a versatility very few cameras of this kind can offer.
Among the most popular games of 2012, Temple Run now has a sequel. But the sequel seems to be a bit better than the original with more obstacles and scenarios.
Ski Safari makes you come back because every game is different and there is something new every time.
Action Movie FX app lets you bring Hollywood style effects to home videos and using it is very simple.
The easiest way to understand camera lens aperture is to liken it to pupils of your eyes, the holes through which light enters.
Dictionary, calendar, bookmark holder and link the function and the chrome browser has a solution.
Do you get the best out of your LinkedIn account? Here are nine tips on how to use the professional network to leverage yourself and achieve career goals.
How influential are you on social networks? it is time to find out with these easy to use online tools.
Looking for something between a DSLR and a point-and-shoot? Compact system cameras are the best option.
We are really close to the day when computers and phones will have one or all of the senses humans are so proud of.
Photo-editing softwareSnapseed lets you do things for which you will otherwise need a handful of apps.
User-generated data is changing the way maps are made. Here is how you too can become part of this revolution.
Tablets are in a way ideal for creating presentations as they are more hands on. And now you have an app that lets you create stunning presentations.