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Digital Life

Comics are getting a new lease of life on tablets. In fact, Indians are finally getting access to the best comics from around the world through publisher-specific apps and full-fledged comics stores. Meanwhile, there are apps that let you make comics of your own.

Cloud computing gets a new boost with the launch of Google Drive. You could say it heralds the democratisation of cloud technology.
Bluetooth is a marvel for wireless sharing of data. but now there are some other wonderful emerging technologies that achieve the same purpose.
Your first ever digital SLR camera leaves you at the start of a lifelong adventure. Here is what you should do in the initial couple of months.
Here are the aids that allow you to read your mail, store personal documents and read web articles at leisure on your eBook reader.
No more tangle of wires, Wi-Fi lets you transfer photos directly to the computer or social networking site.
There is nothing wrong if parts of your picture are blurry. In fact, creative use of depth of field can give an aura of mystery to the picture.
In the second of the series on editing photographs on Adobe Photoshop, we deal with the dynamics of brightness and contrast.
Here are some websites that are funny, quirky - and useful.
In the digital gurukul, tablets and e-books replace blackboards and schools bags. And the teacher is an anonymous, ever present, ever helpful entity.
All of us have big footprint on the Net. But what happens to online accounts and content when its creator dies?
Pinterest could be the next big thing in social networking, so keep your Pins ready.
No mail lost in the clutter, no password thefts, easy to search - your email can be all these.
You can be enthused or turned off by Twitter. While you debate your response, take these tips to fully understand what the networking can do for you.
Correct colour or simply get rid of them and turn your picture into a perfect black/white image with Photoshop.
There are changes afoot though, that promises to revolutionize the web as we know it. Join us for some crystal-ball-gazing into the future of the Web.