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Review: Jabra Sport headset

Review: Jabra Sport headset

Though good looking and feature rich, wearing the Jabra Sport headset was a pain with the improper fit hurting our ears.
G&G readers write back to the editor of the magazine, sharing their valuable feedback.
I want to buy a phone that costs around Rs 35,000. I was planning to buy the Galaxy Note, but thought of waiting for better phones.
Bit Rate
A flow of global news in pacy bits
Launch Pad
It is neither the iPad 3, nor the iPad HD, that they were talking about. Apple surprised everyone by deciding to simply call it the new iPad. No, the home button hasn't been eliminated either. And isn't smaller. In fact, the new iPad looks very much like the iPad 2 but with some revolutionary changes within.
The Nikon 1 V1 does almost everything a DSLR does and much more. Despite being an advanced compact, it debuts many new features.
Best Buys
Still we could be on the verge of a Blu-ray wave, thanks to cheaper video players, availability of more titles as well as the popularity of high-definition players. Here is a look at the best bargain in the Blu-ray market.
Test Bench
A stylish and affordable entry-level netbook which is the first to feature Intel's new Cedar Trail-M processor for Atom machines. And the difference is visible from the very first click.
Digital Life
All of us have big footprint on the Net. But what happens to online accounts and content when its creator dies?
If you find yourself flinching at the mention of the iPad's price tag, don't worry-there are tablets out there that are kind on your pocket.
Level Up
Robots are finally coming to our homes, but not in the way we imagined.
Know Tech

The response to your queries by Google search may wow you by being almost instantaneous, but there are many processes taking place in milliseconds.

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