Gadgets And Gizmos Archive April 2013 Issue

Edition: April 2013

Gadgets & Gizmos readers feedback on the magazine's coverage of the latest in the world of technology -
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Launch Pad
AOC's new 19-inch LED TV, the LE19A1331/61, comes in an ultra slim body with multimedia USB supporting 28 playability formats.
With the Xperia Z phablet, Sony has finally recovered some of its lost pride.
Best Buys
The best gadgets in the market as ranked by G&G
Being one of the most awaited phones this year, the Canvas HD from Micromax sold over 9,000 units online within 24 hours of its launch.
Test Bench
The Microsoft wedge Mouse is a very futuristic device and could be a harbinger of the kind of accessories we could be using in the coming years.
Digital Life
Our monthly pick of apps for tablets
If you are put off by the prices of the touch-based Windows 8 laptops, there are signs that prices are easing.
Level Up
The new Sony Play Station 3 is for a new buyer in the gaming world rather than for a current Sony console owner who is looking for an upgrade.
Living Tech
The concept of automated homes is now more about securing your house and being able to remotely observe and control the space.

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