Gadgets And Gizmos Archive August 2012 Issue

Edition: August 2012

Your anniversary cover was a delight to read; a collector's issue if you ask me. I will pick it up every time I have to buy a new gadget this year. Hope you will do similar stories every year. - Harikrishnan R, Kochi
I am planning to buy a smartphone but am confused by the options-Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy SII, Motorola Droid Razr or Droid Razr Maxx, HTC One X. I have a budget of Rs 40,000.
Bit Rate
A flow of global news in pacy bits
Launch Pad
Nokia has launched the Lumia 610 to take on the onslaught from affordable Android smartphones.
Will a camera phone be able to compete against a compact camera? The Nokia 808 PureView and its 41MP sensor seem to have put an end to the debate. It is the best camera in a phone ever. Period.

Does your gadget die on you when you it the most? Maybe it is time some carry some extra juice in the form of a portable power pack.
A listing of top smartphones, affordable, QWERTY phones and more...
Test Bench
There is a guide mode where the camera will tell you what to do and how. Though not recommended if you are shooting in a hurry, this can be a real boon for beginners.
Digital Life
With hyperactive internet service providers blocking access to "inappropriate" websites and services, how do you bypass cyber censorship to get to the content of your choice?
Instead of our normal collection of topical apps, we have here an overview of a cross-section of apps. Our pick this time is an app that lets you make professional grade posters; there is also a magazine app, two travel aids and a word game.
Level Up
The action is okay, but game play is monotony exemplified.
Living Tech
Here are the showstoppers from one of the largest computer and technology fairs in the world - Computex 2012. It is held annually in Taipei, Taiwan.

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