Gadgets And Gizmos Archive August 2013 Issue

Edition: August 2013

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Wearable technology is fast becoming a part of our lives

Wearable technology is fast becoming a part of our lives

Wearable technology has started making inroads into our lives so much that it will now be a part of our bodies too. From watches to shoes, soon there will be a computer in almost all things that go on your body. So much so that even self fitting shirts are in the works.
Gadgets & Gizmos readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the latest in the world of technology -
Gadgets & Gizmos' experts answer tech queries of readers-
Launch Pad
Featuring: Ford Ecosport, Samsung UHD TV, Celkon Signature One A107, Canon EOS 70D, Asus Transformer Book TX300 and more.
Best Buys
There's a new range of portable speakers available in the market in all shapes and sizes, giving you uncompromising sound. Gadgets & Gizmos takes a look at some of them -
How do you stay connected and at the same time protect your gadgets during India's rather long monsoon?
You no longer need to invest on a standalone navigation device for your car, some of these smartphone apps will do.
Test Bench
With its Sense of Quartz design concept, the X9004 comes across as one big panel of glass held up by a steel ring.
Digital Life
Today there are multitudes of add-ons of various kinds that deal with utilities as diverse as gaming, news and entertainment.
Tips and Tricks
Gadgets & Gizmos gives you five tips to save a wet phone -
Level Up
The Last of Us is a game that is more about patience and strategy that pushing the fire button.

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