Gadgets And Gizmos Archive December 2011 Issue

Edition: December 2011

G&G readers write back to the editor of the magazine, sharing their valuable feedback.
Since the time, Samsung announced its Galaxy Note at the IFA Berlin, I was excited about this device. Is the Note worth buying?
Bit Rate

Here's news for those who think that computer games kill imagination - and brain cells.

Launch Pad
A monthly window to recent launches
The researchers at Datawind, the makers of the low-cost tablet Aakash, take a small step for their company, a giant leap for computing devices. Their Ubislate, or Aakash, tablet comes at a rock-bottom price.
Best Buys
There are a few good bargains in the video camera market. Check them out.
The 5 MP camera captured decent images. On a positive note, Samsung has added a 1.4 GHz processor that makes it operate quickly. The new Omnia W may be a better device. Also reviews of Nokia 701, Samsung Omnia W and HTC Radar.
Test Bench

Digital Life
Correct colour or simply get rid of them and turn your picture into a perfect black/white image with Photoshop.
Level Up
While videogames share a well-documented relationship with violence, their relationship with that other great human need - sex - isn't quite as clear and well defined.
Living Tech
New technologies being adopted by television makers allows the usual images to gain depth.
Know Tech
How does the battery in your phone or the flashlight work?

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