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Edition: February 2012

The cover story on the best gadgets of 2011 was informative and will prove a useful guide.
I want to buy a camera for Rs 5,000. Which is the best camera in that range? Also how do you transfer photos from your Windows laptop to iPad2? - Piyush ,on email
Bit Rate

Programmers are designing a new iPad app that will bring together all the latest information that UK Prime Minister David Cameron might need.

Launch Pad
The Xperia S will be Sony Ericsson's first smartphone in the new Xperia NXT series. The Xperia S is an Android smartphone that delivers a stunning viewing experience with a 4.3-inch high resolution screen.
A full-fledged machine that is less than an inch thick and provides enough satisfaction to the user.
Best Buys
Indian homes are warming up to the barbecue and there is a lot on the menu.
If you thought owning an Apple product was special, wait till you see the accessories that have been developed with just the iFamily in mind.
Popular online shopping portal Flipkart has launched an Android application. Easy to use, the main display of the application contains various categories listed on the website.
Test Bench
Where the new 7-incher looks exactly like its predecessor is the user interface. Running on Android 2.2, the custom UI has application tabs at the bottom-home, web, entertainment, communication and favourite.
Digital Life

Our monthly pick of apps for tablets (news).

How Things Work
Aided by the grid of satellites orbiting the earth, the global positioning system tells us where we are and where we have to go.

From video editing software to kid-safe browsers, there is a lot of open-source stuff out there that will make Mac users drool with excitement.
Level Up

Get a sneak view of the most awaited titles of the new year.

Living Tech
These devices can do what they are meant to-and what they aren't.

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