Gadgets And Gizmos Archive January 2012 Issue

Edition: January 2012

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Best gadgets of the year

At the end of an eventful year, we look at the top stuff that 2011 gave us. Helped by a panel of experts, we announce our list of the best there were in mobile phones, computers, television, photography, home entertainment, audio systems, portable media players and gaming.
G&G readers write back to the editor of the magazine, sharing their valuable feedback.
I am planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S II. Please give me a detailed review about the device.
Bit Rate
For all those who twiddle their thumbs waiting for the microwave oven to ping when its done, here is what four young tyros built in just 40 hours at the University of Pennsylvania.
Launch Pad

G&G gives you a peek into the gadgets that were launched recently.

The new Nexus phone comes with the Samsung marque. It sports the spiffy ice cream sandwich Android V4.0 operating system. This combination of Google and Samsung is a winner.
Best Buys
You can make winter a more salubrious season with the help of some smart gadgets. Gadgets that take the edge off winter's bite.
Nokia Lumia 800 is by far the best Windows phone in town. Also, reviews of Blackberry Bold 9790, Sony Ericsson Active,  Blackbery Curve 9380 and Apple iPhone 4S.
Test Bench
Late as it has been in entering the tablet market, Sony still stuns with a unique look for its device.
Digital Life
You can be enthused or turned off by Twitter. While you debate your response, take these tips to fully understand what the networking can do for you.
Level Up
Assassins Creed: Revelations might not be a big revelation as its title suggests; it does fail to break away from its own mould. But what it does smoothly is finish the chapter on Ezio and Altair. Also reviews of Dinseyland Adventures 2, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Saints Row: The Third.
Know Tech
A graphics tablet is a computer input device that depends on pressure on a surface grid to create hand-drawn images.

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