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Are we ready for converged devices?

Are we ready for converged devices?

A single gadget that can carry out the specialised functions of two or more other devices can be called a converged device.
Gadgets & Gizmos readers write in with their feedback -
Having trouble with your laptop? Would like to boost your cell phone's capabilities? Want advice on what camera is best for your needs? Write to Gadgets & Gizmos with all your queries and we will have experts answer them.
Gadgets & Gizmos wraps up 2012 for you and recalls the best that the year gave us -
For some, the best just got better. The sixth avatar of the iPhone looks slimmer, slicker, slighter and more svelte and elegant than ever before.
Test Bench

The S800c definitely has quality optics though it lacks the zoom and even basic settings that the Galaxy Camera gives the user.

Digital Life
Photo-editing software Snapseed lets you do things for which you will otherwise need a handful of apps.
Top Ten
The last of our top 40 series tells you which gadgets will prove the most useful when you are out of town.
With file sizes and data transfers mushrooming exponentially, copying stuff between machines and devices can be both banal and bothersome.
Living Tech
Are you one of those stuck with a large, relatively new, LCD or LED TV without any smart features? Well, now you can "smarten" up your TV, even an old CRT, with intelligent features.

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