Gadgets And Gizmos Archive January 2015 Issue

Edition: January 2015

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Tech trends, gadgets to look forward to in 2015

Tech trends, gadgets to look forward to in 2015

Take a look at the most-awaited gadgets and trends in technology, from virtual reality and connected cars to the Apple Watch.
Gadgets and Gizmos readers give feedback on the magazine's December 2014 issue coverage.
Gadgets and Gizmos experts answers your tech queries
Launch Pad
Gadgets and Gizmos tells you about the newest gadgets and technology in the market and what these offer.
Gadgets and Gizmos brings you cool tips and tricks for mastering mobile photography, be it underwater or low-light photography.
Test Bench
Chromecast is a thumb-drive-like device that plugs into the HDMI port of the TV. It requires power and can be plugged with the data cable to the USB port on the TV itself.

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