Gadgets And Gizmos Archive June 2012 Issue

Edition: June 2012

Cover Story


Yes, technology is your passport to the world

Do you think the new Nikon D800 is a good option for amateur photographers?
Bit Rate
A flow of global news in pacy bits
Launch Pad
Raymond Weil's new Nabucco Inverso comes with twelve in dial Roman numerals and yellow hands that illuminate the dial.
The iPad sequel comes with bumped up specs and an impressive performance.
Best Buys
Getting great entertainment while driving is not all that expensive.
Among the best Android smartphones at this price point-with an intelligent voice assistant.
Test Bench
This is no unique speaker system, but where it scores is the small additional features.
Digital Life
Imagine never losing your documents whatever happens to your computing machine or being able to assess any version of a document from anywhere on earth. Google Docs makes this possible.
Level Up
Children will love this, but adults could have too.
Know Tech
A blender is the appliance you can't live without if you want to turn solid ingredients into liquid deliciousness.

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