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Wireless tech is changing the way we live

Wireless tech is changing the way we live

Almost every gadget in your home can work without wires. In fact, anything that needs wires to connect is old fashioned.
With compacts, premium compacts and compact systems the camera space is becoming confusing. It would be great if you could explain how these are different and which camera suits which kind of user.
I want to buy a laptop with good graphic performance and play latest games. My budget is Rs 40,000.
Launch Pad
This is a 5.1 channel multimedia speaker with a sub-woofer boasting a 5.25-inch bass driver housed in a wooden cabinet.
For 2013, it has announced 20 new models across price ranges. G&G reviews the new 46" F7500 which comes in the Series 7 televisions from the Korean tech giant.
Best Buys
The best gadgets in the market as ranked by G&G
HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are both Androids armed with full HD and powerful processors.
Test Bench
If you have been skipping the skipping rope in your exercise regimen due to the fears of tripping on the rope, maybe you should get a Portronics Wireless.
Digital Life
Downloadable from the Google Play Store, the application at the moment works only on a few selected devices.
Till a year ago most purchases of all-in-ones were influenced by space constraints. Now, however, the all-in-one has become a complete PC.
Level Up
BioShock Infinite has actually managed to be a better game than its previous versions. The graphics and the sound effects married together up the ante.
Living Tech
While processors have already made their way into cars, you will soon see PC like interfaces and operating systems too.

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