Gadgets And Gizmos Archive May 2014 Issue

Edition: May 2014

Cover Story

Best accessories for your camera

Best accessories for your camera

You have the best camera in your hand. How about enhancing the images by adding a few accessories .
Launch Pad
A look at new gadget launches. Featuring Sony Xperia M2, STK Soap 3-in-1 box, Genius HS 920 BT, Sony 64GB micro SD card and many more
Test Bench
Sony's Xperia E1 is a value for money buy. Consider it if your priority is music and not camera.
Top Ten
The best gadgets - laptops, tablets, DSLRs, television and moree - in the market as ranked by Gadgets and Gizmos.
While it took Microsoft years to launch its Office app for iPad and that too at a price for the full version, there are plenty of other documentation apps - both free and paid ones - that you can consider.

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