Gadgets And Gizmos Archive May 2014 Issue

Edition: May 2014

Cover Story

Best accessories for your camera

Best accessories for your camera

You have the best camera in your hand. How about enhancing the images by adding a few accessories .
Launch Pad
A look at new gadget launches. Featuring Sony Xperia M2, STK Soap 3-in-1 box, Genius HS 920 BT, Sony 64GB micro SD card and many more
Test Bench
Sony's Xperia E1 is a value for money buy. Consider it if your priority is music and not camera.
Digital Life
The harsh summer heat can sap your energy and enthusiasm. But don't fret. Whether you are staying indoors or hitting the road for a long trip, here are some gadgets to keep you cool.
Top Ten
The best gadgets - laptops, tablets, DSLRs, television and moree - in the market as ranked by Gadgets and Gizmos.
While it took Microsoft years to launch its Office app for iPad and that too at a price for the full version, there are plenty of other documentation apps - both free and paid ones - that you can consider.

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