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The Great Showdown: Tablets Vs Phones Vs Ultrabooks

The Great Showdown: Tablets Vs Phones Vs Ultrabooks

When we talk about mobile devices, the buck stops at the three strongest categories - smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks. Gadgets & Gizmos pit its picks from the three segments against each other to see how they fare in a faceoff.
Recently, it was reported that a mobile application has been developed that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to trace the location of other cell phones.
Having trouble with your laptop? Would like to boost your cell phone's capabilities? Want advice on what camera is best for your needs? Write to Gadgets & Gizmos with all your queries.
Bit Rate
A flow of global news in pacy bits
Launch Pad
Technogym's Mywellness Key is a first-of-its-kind portable device that keeps an eye on your health and sets daily goals for you to stay fit.
The Samsung Series 9 is as thin as it gets and it is not just about the size.
A listing of top smartphones, affordable, QWERTY phones and more...
Test Bench
The better of the lot among portable scanners can work independently. Others, like the HP Scanjet 1000 Mobile Scanner, need to be connected to a PC to do the job of scanning documents.
Digital Life
Dictionary, calendar, bookmark holder and link the function and the chrome browser has a solution.
Top Ten
While most of us think of home gadgets as only those that entertain us or help us out in the kitchen, we showcase the top technologies available for a host of domestic functions and applications.
Level Up
The graphics and sound of London 2012 make it the best Olympics games ever.
Living Tech
The latest breed of radios can play media files. Some others try to pass themselves off as alarm clocks, lava lamps and toys while being able to tune in to your favourite station in a jiffy.
Know Tech
The sound of car alarms going off at the touch are common enough. How do these car protection systems detect intrusion?

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