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Gadgets that not everyone would want to buy

Gadgets that not everyone would want to buy

Exclusivity comes at a price. But not everyone minds paying the extra buck to buy something which no else has. Here is a collection of gadgets which will find few takers due to a lot of factors, but are undoubtedly becoming popular within a niche group.
I was hoping Apple would finally announce something really affordable, maybe under Rs 20,000. However, Apple has disappointed me no end by announcing prices that are in no way cheap or affordable.
While we will recommend you to update your phone to access most of the apps (that will be updated for the iOS 7 soon), you will not get access to the features that are hardware driven and meant for the iPhone 5S.
Launch Pad
A monthly window of the most recent launches.
So, can a camera phone kill a standalone camera? Well, it seems Samsung is getting closer to the answer. First it made a camera with 3G connectivity, now it has integrated an optical zoom to a phone, the Galaxy S4 Zoom.
Best Buys
The best gadgets in the market as ranked by G&G -
Gadgets & Gizmos lists top apps for your tablets, smartphones.
Test Bench
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 continues to have the outdated design inspired by the Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
Digital Life
Adobe Creative Cloud is an online version of the Creative Suite 6 Master Collection. However, the online version offers more than what you would get in the box.
Level Up
Here is a set from Corsair that is worth every rupee you put in it. Go better your own scores in Assassin's Creed!
Know Tech
Big data is hard to define. Usually it is associated with instances where you have tremendous velocity, volume and variety of data. Velocity would mean you are being streamed with data that has to be ingested and processed fast.

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