Gadgets And Gizmos Archive October 2014 Issue

Edition: October 2014

Cover Story

Best Diwali gift options, festive schemes for you

Best Diwali gift options, festive schemes for you

We bring you some of the best gifts you can purchase this festive season for yourself and your loved ones.
Launch Pad
Gadgets and Gizmos tells you about the latest gadgets and accessories launched in the market and what they offer.
The iPhones have got the NFC chips too for Apple Pay. This is the new payment service where payments can be made with the phone instead of the credit card at checkout counters.
Test Bench
The iLume comes with an SD Card slot, HDMO port, VGA port, USB and AV port. So you can play content from a laptop, pen drive, set-top box and even a gaming console.
Digital Life
Find out all the information you want to know about the three most popular smartwatches.

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