Gadgets And Gizmos Archive September 2011 Issue

Edition: September 2011

Cover Story

New & Loaded

The hottest machines among the recent launches
I want to buy an all-in-one PC primarily for gaming and for regular use by my kids at home. Can you suggest a decent machine at a reasonable price?
Bit Rate
A flow of global news in pacy bits
Launch Pad
A monthly window to the most recent launches
Mobile, compact and sporting a battery option, this full A4 size printer from HP can publish on the go.
A phone that comes with smart features need not necessarily be a high-priced product. There are numerous affordable handsets for you to pick from.
Test Bench
Casio's new projector proves gadgets can be brilliant and frustrating at the same time.
Digital Life
Taking home a new camera is not as simple as pressing the button on auto mode. You must focus on what you need the camera for and what you expect to do with it. Research a bit and you will not regret your decision.

How Things Work
From CDs to DVDs to Blu-ray, the media storage technology has moved to higher capacities and higher resolutions. A Blu-ray disc and player together provide content at full HD 1080p resolution. This is how they work.
The latest of Apple's Mac operating systems comes with enhancements that promise to make computing easier.
Level Up
Weird? Outlandish? Bizarre? Silly? You will find some popular games answering to these and more.

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