Gadgets And Gizmos Archive September 2013 Issue

Edition: September 2013

Cover Story

Best smartphones for students

Best smartphones for students

Yes, you will be ashamed to go to college without one of these. But which ones are ideal for students without burning a hole in their parents' pockets?
Gadgets & Gizmos readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the latest in the world of technology -
I want to purchase a laptop with decent features for rough use. I am a website administrator and battery life is important as I have to be online throughout the day.
Launch Pad
Featuring Sony Xperia Ultra, Toshiba Satellite P50, Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 II, HTC Desire 600 Dual SIM  and more.
The device is a dual screen convertible which can become a tablet by just shutting its clamshell model.
Best Buys
The best gadgets in the market as ranked by Gadgets & Gizmos -
The stiff competition is forcing smartphone makers to add fancy features that will make their devices stand out in the crowd.
Test Bench
Sennheiser is partnering with Adidas to bring a whole new range of fitness oriented headphones.
Digital Life
All new browsers are based on the open source Chromium engine and have various degrees of tweaks to Google's browser as well as a new logo.
Level Up
Based on the Pacific Rim movie, this one lacks a story and is all about action.

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