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Setting up your Gamer's Room

Apart from the latest consoles and the cool, relaxing couch, there are a lot of things that should be on your gamer's room list.

If Harold Finch and John Reese from the TV show 'Person of Interest' are among your favourite characters, Watch Dogs is the perfect game to titillate your senses.
Some sequences and gameplay in Beyond Two Souls are engaging, but you are left longing for more.
Here is a set from Corsair that is worth every rupee you put in it. Go better your own scores in Assassin's Creed!
A mobile game that is as good, or better, than console racing games
BioShock Infinite has actually managed to be a better game than its previous versions. The graphics and the sound effects married together up the ante.
The new Sony Play Station 3 is for a new buyer in the gaming world rather than for a current Sony console owner who is looking for an upgrade.
Nike and Xbox's Kinect can be thoroughly enjoyed only if you have a lot space. Otherwise, the sensors will not be able to read all your moves.
Which were the best games of 2013? There can never be a definitive answer to the question, but here's our pick of the top five.
Based on the Pacific Rim movie, this one lacks a story and is all about action.
The Last of Us is a game that is more about patience and strategy that pushing the fire button.
This street fight version of DC characters is a vast improvement from its previous installment. But, honestly, it doesn't really provide anything new.
It is time to relive the Hitman series as it gets rebooted with high definition visuals and improved surround sound with the Hitman Trilogy for PS3, XBox.
Easily the best open world game at the moment
Even as fanfare is on the up, the surrounding look and feel all too familiar.