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Level Up

Impeccable planning, plotting and graphics make the game a live.

Football game has never been so real. A must-have for all fans of the "beautiful game".
A game that requires a lot of pre-fight training-like the real deal.
The graphics and sound of London 2012 make it the best Olympics games ever.
Spec Ops: The Line will keep will keep you glued to the screen but it's not an iconic game that you will want to play again and again as it lacks new options.
The action is okay, but game play is monotony exemplified.
Good for a bit of titillating fun, if that's what you want.
Average graphics but as a game is worth buying.
The problem is that players have to be online if they want to play Diablo 3. Here's understanding the impact of the game's DRM.
It is a shooting game with very poor shooting controls.
Among the best in open-world games. And driving is a better experience than in GTA.
Looks good, but fails the test of quality gaming audio.
If you don't get this game, you have missed nothing.
One of the most engaging FPS games around.
Children will love this, but adults could have too.
The lightsaber duels are really a duel with controls!