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Level Up

Diablo 3, the third of a massively popular franchise and one of the most awaited titles ever, finally arrives after eleven long years.

The board games of our childhood are not dead-the tablet has given them a new lease of life.
Spawned by the game that nerds love - Rogue - an extremely hardcore and cultish genre is now almost mainstream.
The soul of gaming died when gameplay was dumbed down to attract new adherents. that's why the genre needs hardcore titles like The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings.
Robots are finally coming to our homes, but not in the way we imagined.
Who says only console gaming satisfy the soul? Here are some for phones and tablets to get the juices flowing.
How a single-developer indie game became one of the most influential games of the year.
No fancy graphics, no storylines, only your creativity as an aid to build what you need.
Weird? Outlandish? Bizarre? Silly? You will find some popular games answering to these and more.