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Looks good, sounds bad.
The second child of the HTC One family, the One S, neatly bridges the gap between the One V and the eldest One X.
Multiple cores in smartphones need not necessarily mean faster performance. Here are the real life parameters where multiple cores come into action.
Pizza lovers have a reason to smile. Jubliant Works has come up an iOS application that eliminates the need to call the pizza joint to place orders...
It doesn't have heavy duty specs but is still a performer.
Planning to sell your old phone? You need to know how the market works for you to get the best bargain.
Performance let down by average piece of hardware.
Xperia S, the first smartphone from the rebranded Sony Mobile, tries to offer everything from looks to smart functionality. But does it succeed?
A headset that looks different from others and is comfortable on the ears.
The HTC One V with a single-core processor and ICS is a better bet.
Have you thought of rooting your android phone to unleash its true potential? It is a bit risky, but can be worth the trouble.

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Up against the HTC One X, the Galaxy SIII has some good innovations, but at a steep price.
An average performer with nothing revolutionary
Among the best Android smartphones at this price point-with an intelligent voice assistant.
Your monthly update on mobile phone apps
A good effort that has got things wrong with the pricing.