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There are a number of Android phones with price tags as mouth-watering as the names of the various versions of the OS.

Not liking the customised user interface loaded on your Android smartphone by your manufacturer? Install the Launcher Pro for free from the Android Marketplace.
Our monthly update on mobile phone apps
The BlackBerry tree has clearly turned over a new leaf.
Look beyond the usual mobile covers, screen guards and ear pods. And take home some interesting accessories for your cell phone.
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You have heard that dual-core processors for phones speed up the devices. We test three devices to find out how these processors enhance their work.
But being GPS enabled isn't enough for a smooth navigation experience. The phone's processor along with the RAM also make a huge difference.
TOP 10 Smartphones
A listing of top 10 smartphones, top affordable phones, top CDMA phone, and top feature phones.
Most cell phone operating systems have been upgraded in the past few months. How will this change the way you use your phone?
TOP 10 Smartphones
Can Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 compete against the iOS and Android? Yes, it can!
Smartphone display sizes range from 2.8 inches to 5.3 inches. Are there advantages to the display being smaller rather than bigger?
TOP 10 Smartphones
Your monthly update on mobile phone apps
With the right mapping software installed, your smartphone can easily turn into your most reliable road companion.
A phone that comes with smart features need not necessarily be a high-priced product. There are numerous affordable handsets for you to pick from.